students and teachers are doing a balance and trust activity with a ladder and ropes outdoors

Welcome to Rivendell Academy

6th grade ladder activity

"We're taught to think for ourselves."

- Caitlin, Class of 2020

Dear Students, 

The school belongs to you and your ideas matter, both inside and outside the classroom. Students like you have created a fencing club, a robotics competition, and an international trip.

Whatever shape it takes, we value minds at work. Sharing ideas, solving problems, being confused, becoming excited, taking risks, doing new things, and observing closely. We prepare you to read critically, write well, use math as a tool to analyze and answer questions. We create opportunities for you to see that history is now and that science is everywhere. We expect you to discuss your learning with each other and with your community. These values drive us to develop rigorous interdisciplinary projects and courses. Classes we offer include: The Holocaust and Human Behavior, Posters for Social Change, Lyrical Poetry, Astronomy, and Global Issues.

Rivendell takes a personal approach to education. We care about you and your talents and interests, and we assist you in shaping your education and your student life. Rivendell offers many opportunities for you to flourish as we work with you to discover and support your goals.  

- Keri Gelenian,

  Academy Principal & Head of Schools