Principal and Head of Schools Keri Gelenian works with 6th graders in the garden

Principal's Corner/Head of Schools

The Head of Schools role leads curriculum and staff development in support of innovation, collaboration, and the district's mission and goals.

Rivendell Interstate School District

Our three schools are places where students feel known and cared for by teachers and staff, and where education is personal. We continue to build and deepen a culture of learning, collaboration, engagement, and social responsibility among our students and ourselves. We challenge our students of all ages to look at the issues facing our community, country, and world and to feel energized rather than discouraged. We hope that they have as much confidence in their potential as wee see in them.  

The Rivendell Interstate School District's principles and practices remain the same as at the time of our founding: a belief that we are three buildings but one school, and an approach to interdisciplinary and project-oriented teaching that empowers our students to be independent and critical thinkers who apply their learning to their lives and the world around them.

We work best when we work together, and we know that learning does not just happen in the classroom. As a district-wide staff we aim to make learning real, make it concrete, make it linked to the community, and make it mentally and physically active. 

From our outdoor classrooms, Farm to School program, and our partnerships with organizations like High Tech High, Critical Explorers, Vital Communities, and the Upper Valley Teacher Place Collaborative, we remain grounded in our founding principles while continuing to evolve in order to provide our students with the education and experience that they need in our evolving world.


"The thing that inspires me to teach is the students, and their questions and their spirit, their complexity. I appreciate them as complex people.

Students continue to change and the world continues to change, and so my curriculum has to continue to change. And that's challenging and inspiring."

- Rachel Sanders, Science Teacher

Rivendell Academy

At Rivendell Academy we strive to cultivate in our students an inclination to question, think critically, and to wonder at the world around them. Our curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills to identify, analyze and solve problems in the complex situations that they may encounter in their lives.

Students learn and practice essential skills through community-based projects, interdisciplinary courses, frequent guest speakers, and local, regional, and international travel linked to in-class learning. We have an innovative and successful 6th Grade Challenges program. We are continuously seeking, establishing, and maintaining relationships between school and community, including in 2023 establishing a food bank at Rivendell Academy.

We are committed to the success of all of our students, and our Academy actively encourages students to explore essential ideas in depth within each discipline.

For more information about our school, our programs, and what is happening here, visit our Academy News page or our Academic Program page.