Career Internship and Upper House Project

Career Internship

In 11th or 12th grade students participate in (and receive high school credit for) a 40-hour unpaid internship. The purpose of this internship is for students to to continue to explore career choices in a real-life work context, to build skills and knowledge in an area of interest to them, and to begin to establish a professional network.

A student and their internship supervisor (at the outside organization) will work together to communicate about intern responsibilities and workplace requirements. The intern and supervisor will also collaboratively create learning objectives, routines, and schedules (both for the student's work time as well as for intern and supervisor check-ins).

Upper House Project

The Upper House Project is an alternative to Career Internship for students who are extremely driven, independent and self-directed learners with a passion for a particular topic. In an Upper House Project, a student independently researches a topic, designs a project structure and research question, and presents their learning to an authentic audience. The project is meant to reflect our school's learning expectations and core values, which include interdisciplinary thinking, creative problem solving and clear communication using a variety of media.

"I feel like through this internship I got to know more of the people in our community, got more connections with community. Connections are just at the root of everything."

- Colin, Class of 2023