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“Nice Work If You Can Get It” follows Jimmy Winter (Eli Mansur), a well-to-do bachelor who unexpectedly falls in love with Billie Bendix (Emma Ostrau), a spirited bootlegger. Join gang members Cookie McGee (Andrew Williams) Duke Mahoney (Zofia Kosakowski) and characters Eileen Evergreen (Alice Craft), Estonia Dulworth (Lila Waxman), Jeannie Muldoon (Lila Jones), Chief Berry (Sophie Jones) and Millicent Winter (Elisia Sonsalla) plus many chorus girls and Vice Squad members in our fun story! Mistaken identities, hilarious misunderstandings, and romantic entanglements ensue, the musical weaves together Gershwin’s timeless melodies, played by a 6th piece band,  with a dose of madcap comedy.

Thursday, May 16th, Friday May 17th and Saturday May 18th at the Rivendell Academy Gym.

7:00 p.m. 

$12/adult, $5/student.

Doors open at 6:30 general seating.

This show is rated PG due to more mature content with references to sex and drinking.