Drivers Education

Driver Education is available to any Vermont student over the age of fifteen with a Vermont Learners Permit and to any New Hampshire student who will be sixteen by the end of the course. New Hampshire students must obtain a Vermont Learners Permit prior to the start of class. Every student receives thirty hours of classroom instruction on such topics as operating a motor vehicle, the laws related to driving, social responsibility, and the effects of drugs and alcohol. Vermont students are required to have 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation. New Hampshire students are required to have 10 hours of driving and 10 hours of observation. Upon enrollment, students will be required to have 10 hours of driving with a parent prior to class beginning. Students will be provided with materials to keep a driving log.

Sessions are offered two to three times per year including summer depending upon instructor availability. Classroom instruction is usually in the afternoon. Driving time is scheduled with the instructor.

Upon successful completion of both the classroom work and driving time, the student receives a Driver Education Certificate which is required to obtain a license before the age of eighteen.

Credit: 0.25 credit