Technology Integration at Rivendell Academy includes one-to-one laptops and the use of Google Classroom. We have a well-stocked multi-purpose Makerspace where students working on projects in classes or clubs have access to a variety of tools including basic tools for woodworking, electronics, crafting, sewing, etc.

The Makerspace is also a place where students can learn digital maker skills (computer-aided design, 3d printing, 2-D laser cutting and vinyl cutting). Teachers and classes can use the Makerspace and receive specific instruction and support from teacher and technology integration specialist Kerry Browne. With the direct support of Doc Browne and the Makerspace resources, Biology students have made 3d molecular models, Engineering studentsdid remote data collection and a weather balloon launch, 6th graders learned robotics, students in 9th grade American History designed and built monuments, the Wilderness Exploration class built a 3d model of the Rivendell Trail, a high school physics class built games to demonstrate physics concepts, middle school science classes built and tested bridges, and the 6th grade students (in their "Challenges" program) have built picnic tables, a chicken coop, "Gaga ball" pits, and an outdoor garden and greenhouse gardens.)

Digital Media Skills: Instruction and use of Adobe Creative Suite is integrated into the curriculum across grade levels and subject areas. Students learn to edit photos, videos and vector graphics. For example, students made videos about the molecular foundation of cancer in biology class, produced news broadcasts in middle school Language Arts projects and created laser-cut desk toys in a high school social studies class.