6th Grade Program

The 6th grade students have two classrooms (one for math and science and one for humanities) and three teachers. Their schedule also includes art, music, physical education, and world language classes. A program component specific to the 6th grade is "Challenges," a block of time in the afternoon (four out of five days of the school week) in which a team of teachers work with students to design and create a large project that requires teamwork and ingenuity. The groups must build or create things that contribute to the entire school community. The idea behind this is that the youngest students in the school are given the spotlight through their work creating things that everybody appreciates. The philosophy of Challenges is embodied in Nelson Mandela's "Ubuntu," which means "I am because we are," or simply, "humanity."

6th graders have created picnic tables, gardens, gaga pits (for "gaga ball," an outdoor game students -- and staff -- of all ages enjoy), and a chicken coop. In addition, chorus, music, and theater teacher Ms. Alden, from the bottom of her enormous heart and boundless reserves of energy takes on the task of molding this group of energetic 6th graders into a polished group of performers that puts on a musical at the Fairlee town hall for the entire community to enjoy.