Advisory Class meeting in field

“I think what Rivendell taught me is the more human aspect of the world of learning. I was taught to be open in my thoughts and in my feelings for people, I was taught ‘this is my community, I’m part of this, and I’m engaging with it,’ and that has helped me a lot in college.”

- Thessalie, Class of 2019

Each student is part of an Advisory: one or two teachers and a small group of students in the same grade. This group spends the first 15 minutes of the school day together (Morning Meeting), and on Tuesdays, the group for 35 minutes in the middle of the day.  

During Morning Meeting, the group simply has a welcoming and positive start to the day, saying good morning, having breakfast, getting ready for the day. The advisor will take attendance and read announcements. Groups will often do activities or games, or just chat and have a positive start to the day. 

During Tuesday’s Advisory time, each grade addresses and works with different topics and projects to support students in navigating their way through high school and beyond. They tackle issues, projects, and questions that further students’ thinking and their engagement with their learning and their communities. 

The advisory program builds relationships, encourages growth, and develops community. Advisories challenge and support students, create safe environments, promote discussion and reflection, make connections, and deliver purposeful experiences. 

An advisor supports and guides students as they set goals, make decisions about their academic programs, and identify their individual talents and passions. Through student-led three-way conferences (twice per year) and together with parents, the advisor helps advisees reflect on progress and plan for the future. 

Advisory activities challenge students to consider the purpose of education and their role in it. Year by year, with a different theme in each grade level, advisory is a key part of moving students toward their goals and the experiences and lives they will have beyond Rivendell.
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